Andre: The mental strength to live every day to the fullest

My name is Andre Belibi Eloumou, I’m mindset coach and personal trainer.

I discovered the ice close to a year ago. After having took my first swim at 40F/4C in dam in the Swiss Alps. Now I can stay over an hour at 32F/0C. Ice bath/cold water/Cold immersion is an actual must.

Since i started it, it gives me great and faster recovery to my extreme workout. I wish I knew about it a bit earlier while I was running 2,800 miles/4500 kilometers from New York to Los Angeles In 4 months and a week from the 1st November 2019 to 7th of March 2020.

Also back in 2018 I ran 1,875 miles/3000 kilometers from North west of France to Rabat In Morocco. Matter fact before those epic runs, I trained my body to an elite level but not only. I conditioned my mind to an ultimate level with a real intent, during the preparation a part was conditioning my mind included: visualizing myself actually running to places and pushing through it. Even if my human body reached his limits, visualizing where I was running actually. My mind overrode my human body to push past his limits. It is what I’m doing now with ice bath conditioning. When finished my run across the USA and that i discovered the new passion for the cold. I was like why not using that same mind that I developed during my two previous runs! And i saw that it is working , i see that it is working!

That’s how I can stay over 1h21 minutes at -1C/30F to +1C/34F and now I’m like why not get the new Icebath world record! That is what I’m training for now. This been said, Oh my goodness!

It gives me the mental strength to live every day to the fullest!

It helps to get rid of depression, improve mental health, control anxiety, and much more.
If you never try Ice-bath, cold water immersion or cold shower, give it a go, ding it!

It could change your life forever in a positive way!

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